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After the demon failed to take his soul, Adam is once again on the warpath with a new ally, determined to exact his revenge.
Meanwhile, the ruthless warlord Captain Richards has returned to "Heaven Valley" with an army of cyber-soldiers to avenge the death of his son Denny. A storm is coming, and it's made of BLOOD and FISTS

“ADAM CHAPLIN 2: Reborn from Hell” - the second chapter of Adam Chaplin saga is 20% shot, and the directors have already fully edited the sequences. We’re putting every shred of our financial and filmmaking efforts into making Adam Chaplin the most gory action movie ever.
The movie will feature life-like practical effects, intricate animatronics, astonishing digital FX, gigantic futuristic sets, and gore & action sequences the likes of which you’ve NEVER seen before, not even in our previous movies.
Adam Chaplin 2 will re-define our standards, both artistically and technically.

Help us to create the most gory action movie ever... Adam to exact his gory revenge.


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