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Your goods will be delivered to the address specified in your Paypal account

FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: with order under 45 €

- We ship our products WORLDWIDE.

- Your order will be dispatched within 10 hours of receiving your payment (only on business days).
- Delivery time depends on your location: form 4 working days, to 28 business days

For orders over 45€: "Free Standard Shipping" is automatically upgraded to "Insured Shipping".

The promotion is valid for a cart that contains items that can be shipped together in a single shipment (e.g., 3 released films, or 2 copies of a pre-order, or a movie box in crowdfunding). Mixed orders will be covered by the promotion only if the individual items, including available items, pre-orders, and crowdfunding, exceed €45 (e.g., 3 released films, 1 movie prop, 1 movie box).

For more information about "Insured Shipping," please refer to its description in the right-hand panel.

If you have any questions, doubts, or special requests regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The "Insured Shipping" is a tracked shipment that comes with Necrostorm insurance. In the unlikely event that your package is lost by the courier, we will reship the package at no additional cost and include a second extra free product.

If you have added "Insured Shipping" to your cart, it includes one additional free movie as a standard. Simply specify the title of the free movie you would like to receive in the "Choose Your Free Movie" section.

Please note that "Insured Shipping" can only be purchased once per cart and is applicable to a single transaction at a time. There are no limitations on the number or type of products you can add to your cart; the cost of "Insured Shipping" will remain the same.

Extimated Delivery Time FREE SHIPPING:
38 working days

Extimated Delivery Time INSURED SHIPPING:
2 -15 working days

For any question, doubt and special request about your order,
please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Stay NECRO... and wait till the STORM comes

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